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General Consideration for reviewers
  • Journal of Water Harvesting Research, uses single-blind peer review to review manuscripts.
  • Confidentiality of article information must be observed in all areas. The article review process is to be done anonymously.
  • Reviewers should judge articles at the appropriate time and assist the editorial team in deciding whether or not to accept the article.
  • The referees' suggestions regarding the published articles should be submitted in the form of judging forms and in the comment section for the author and editor.
  • Reviewers should refrain from judging articles with conflict of interest and report any conflict of interest as soon as possible.
  • Reviewers' judgments about the quality and content of articles should be based on professional and objective opinions.

Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Services (formerly Publons)

Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Services (formerly Publons) works with reviewers and publishers to give credit for peer review. In order to improve the activities peer review records of this journal, dear Reviewers, please send the link of your Web of Science profile page to the editor of the journal. If you are not a member of this database, please register in the database through the link below and send the address (URL) of your profile in this database.

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JWHR Reviewers in 2022
First Name Last Name Affiliation Publons (WOS)
Ahmad Jafarzadeh   Publons (WOS)
Mohammad Nazeri Tahroudi Department of Water Engineering, Shahrekord University, Shahrekord, Iran Publons (WOS)
Mehdi Delghandi   Publons (WOS)
Mohsen Pourreza-Bilondi Water Engineering Department, Birjand University, Birjand, Iran Publons (WOS)
Hadi Memarian Watershed Management Dept, Natural Resource faculty, University of Birjand, Birjand, Iran Publons (WOS)
Adnan Sadeghi_Lari Dept. of Water Eng.,Uni. of Hormozgan , Bandar Abbas, Iran Publons (WOS)
Mehdi Bahrami Department of Water Engineering, Faculty of Agriculture, Fasa University Publons (WOS)
Yousef Ramezani Associate Professor, Department of Water Engineering, University of Birjand, Birjand, Iran Publons (WOS)
Morteza Dehghani natural resources of and watershed management general office in South Khorasan Iran Publons (WOS)
Payam Ebrahimi Assistant Professor; Forests, Rangelands and Watershed Research Department; Sistan Agricultural and Natural Resources Research and Education Center; AREEO, Zabol, Iran. Publons (WOS)
Meisam Salarijazi   Publons (WOS)
Mostafa yaghoobzadeh Assistant Professor, University of birjand, Iran Publons (WOS)
Mehdi Amirabadi   Publons (WOS)
Seyed Mohamad Tajbakhsh Associate professor, Khorasan Razavi agricultural and natural resources research and education centerAssociate professor, Khorasan Razavi agricultural and natural resources research and education center Publons (WOS)
Mahmood Arabkhedri   Publons (WOS)
Masoud Goudarzi AREEO Publons (WOS)
Mosayeb Heshmati   Publons (WOS)
Asaad Hosseini Payam noor university Publons (WOS)
Rahim Kazemi SCWMRI Publons (WOS)
Farshad Ahmadi Faculty of Water and Environmental Engineering, Shahid chamran university of Ahvaz Publons (WOS)
Keivan Khalili Urmia university Publons (WOS)
Hossein Rezaie Urmia University Publons (WOS)