Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, Winter and Spring 2021 
1. A Microsoft Excel Application to Simulate Water Harvesting in a Catchment

Pages 1-18

Jan G. Wesseling; Ammar Adham; Michel J.P.M. Riksen; Coen J. Ritsema; Klaas Oostindie; Nanny Heidema

2. Water Poverty Index and its Changes Trend in Fasa Plain

Pages 19-27

Nabeallah Yazdi; Seyed Nematollah Mousavi; Abdoulrasool Shirvanian; Abdol Rassoul Zarei

3. Assessment of climate change using SDSM downscaling Model (A case study: West of Iran)

Pages 29-39

Massoud Goodarzi; Mohamad Hosein Mahdian; Bagher Qermezcheshmeh

5. Growing fruit trees with rainwater harvesting in arid environments: the case of almond in Northwest Iran

Pages 55-68

Ali Reza Tavakoli; Theib Y. Oweis; Ali Reza Sepaskhah; Mehran Mahdavi Moghadam; Yadollah Farayedi

6. Designing a quality monitoring network of Gonabad Aquifer using principal component analysis (PCA) method

Pages 69-76

Samira Rahnama; Abbas Khashei-Siuki; Ali Shahidi; Ali Mohammad Noferesti

7. The Effects of Gravelly Filters on Soil Moisture in rainwater Catchment Systems

Pages 77-82

Farzad Pparsadoost; Mohsen Dehqani; Mojtaba Yahyaabadi

8. Assessment, Management and investigation of the effects of climate change on drought in western cities of Iran

Pages 83-91

Vahid Safarian Zengir; Sahar Amiri Doumari; Leila abdolalizadeh; Mohammadkia Kianian; Ali Afzal Sarikhanbegloo; Mostafa RahKhosravani